A journey into landscape photography

On a cold, wet winter’s day-a Saturday to be exact, I set off to Carlingford to meet Conor McEneaney: a well-known Louth photographer; who was to show myself and other amateur photographers tips and skills for landscape photography. I’ve had an interest in photography ever since myself and the other half bought a Nikon DSLR camera just before our first born arrived 6 years ago, but I haven’t followed that interest with great vigour until now. There were four of us on the workshop, including Conor, and we met at the farthest pier from the Castle. Conor started by gleaning our photography experience and what we would like to gain from the day long workshop.


My own aim for the day was to get out there and take some photos, as I don’t get much chance with two “lunatics” at home (aka two girls- one 6, the other 2 and a half). It turned out that I was a complete newbie when compared to my two workshop comrades. That didn’t matter. Conor was very patient, and even when I was asking the most basic of questions about the various settings on a DSLR he answered everything with great patience. We started off taking a few shots around the pier in Carlingford, and then moved on to Gyles key, overlooking Dundalk Bay. Conor gave all of us a chance to use his specialist Landscape lens and even through the rain and the coldness, I came home armed with a few really nice shots, which I have included here. I really enjoyed the workshop, and would like to thank Conor for sharing his wealth of knowledge on the day. Conor is a native of Dundalk and has always had a love for creative arts. In recent years he has been more drawn to visual art in the form of photography, particularly landscapes and black & white.  He particularly loves the dynamic and changeable conditions of the Irish coastline so you will find many seascape images in his collections. For more information, and to view Conor’s work see: www.conormceneaney.com, and visit his FaceBook and Instagram pages.


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