About Us

LeftBucket.com is a magazine and journal dedicated to topical, sociological and wide-ranging subjects.
“Wide-ranging” includes politics but also music, science, art, travel, food, health, education… etc., etc. We try to deliver information in bite sized chunks as well as in comprehensive detail in written articles but also in visual, video and audio formats across the most popular social media formats.
Most importantly, we want to give voice to the silent and the unheard. We want to correct the record when obtuse messages are widespread. And, we want to provide a platform to launch fresh, new and even challenging ideas. The opinions, creations and discoveries of citizens and organisations who don’t have easy access to main stream media outlets are our focus and what will fill our pages.

How we came about

LeftBucket.com happened by accident. A bunch of like-minded people, complete strangers to one another, got together to establish a branch of a fledgling political party. To inform the public and attract more members someone suggested a magazine. “Great” we said. But, the priorities of a fledgling political party are very different to those of a fledgling magazine and progress on the publication ground… slowly…. to….. a halt.

However two of the group had an ideas buzz going which would not quieten. They kept discussing an ever-increasing flow of “what ifs”. Eventually, the discomfort of mushrooming plans growing relentlessly in giddy brains became too much… “we have to do something about this” became the only remedy.


Jeannette said “what about ‘LEFTBUCKET’ and Frank replied “f%&@#n BRILLIANT!” and things began to rock. And so began “A bucket list for lefties”.

Why LeftBucket -“A bucket list for lefties” ?

Well, a bucket list is a list of all the most fantastic things a person must do, see and experience before they “kick the bucket”. A bucket list for lefties therefore is a large directory of every wonderful societal advancement a “leftie” would wish to see accomplished before their final check out. It is a political endeavour but not exclusively. Politics exists to deliver to society all the elements and structures for us to thrive. LeftBucket.com therefore, will be as much about the elements and structures as it will be about “the politics”. Music, science, art, travel, food, health, education, crime, justice, property, housing, health, fitness, technology and many other subjects will all feature over time. Hopefully, we will have as many “non-lefty” contributions as we will of the lefty persuasion as a song or poem will surely sound as sweet to one as the other. We are all human after all.

And that line is the core of LeftBucket.com – “we are all human” – if it’s good for lefties it will be good for all. Left, right, centre, up, down and every direction – we are all human – and if we can openly explore all the things we enjoy and aspire to we may find more common ground than difference.

It’s a really Big Bucket

And, we want to include as many voices as we can so we shall be encouraging people to contribute videos, pictures, poems, songs, prose giving expression to their experience of our world. Everyone is welcome with the proviso that your contribution is truthful, respectful and non-harmful. You may exclaim your discontent or joy loudly and with vigour but we will reject anything which is abusive, misleading or plagiarised.

Please, please contact us with your ideas.

Read, watch, listen and let us know your thoughts.