About Us

LeftBucket.com is now a personal scrapbook and online workspace having once been a magazine and journal.
On this site you will find the personal ideas, favourites, thoughts, theories and experiments in creativity by Frank McGrath.  There may be occasional contributions from others.  Every and any subject under the sun might find it’s way onto these posts and no standard, quality or class is promised. There is no specific reason or pattern to the provision of content here either. Stuff will happen on whim or unpredictable  motivation. Posts will appear when I feel like lashing something up or “doing that thing”.

This space is for me, myself and I but if you wish to comment or contribute I’ll be happy to hear from you (there is a contact form at the bottom of this page).  If there is anything here which one finds disagreeable all I can say is “like it or lump it, I’m sorry but I’m not sorry”. I don’t intend to offend but, if you feel I have stepped beyond the acceptable please let me know.

How we came about

LeftBucket.com came about originally when a bunch of like-minded people, complete strangers to one another, got together to establish a branch of a fledgling political party. To inform the public and attract more members someone suggested a magazine. Two of the group had an ideas buzz going which would not quieten so they made the leap and “just did it”… and put an online journal together.


What the hell will we call it? Being lefty, liberal, Social Democrats Jeannette Boyne said “what about ‘LEFTBUCKET’? I replied “f%&@#n BRILLIANT!” and things began to rock. And so began the “bucket list for lefties”.

Why LeftBucket -“A bucket list for lefties” ?

Well, a bucket list is a list of all the most fantastic things a person must do, see and experience before they “kick the bucket”. A bucket list for lefties therefore is a large directory of every wonderful societal advancement a “leftie” would wish to see accomplished before their final check out. It was a political endeavour but not exclusively. Music, science, art, travel, food, health, education, crime, justice, property, housing, health, fitness, technology and many other subjects all featured over time. To maintain the “container” theme it really was was a mixed bag of a bucket.

What Now?

Jeannette was great and contributed 95% of the content. But we couldn’t get more writers and content creators on board and then I moved home farther away. It wasn’t practical to continue publishing by phone and meeting only very occasionally. Reluctantly, we decided it was time to sling LeftBucket  –  it was being neglected because we couldn’t find the time to maintain it and a magazine with no new content is of no interest to anyone. So, we just let it sit.

Meanwhile, Jeannette embraced a new project called The Crocus which I helped with and contribute to from time to time. Check it out – it is well worth following. And me, being thrifty (or lazy),  thought it a pity to waste the work done in creating the site and the content on LeftBucket. I have it now as my online, creative scrapbook. It should probably be renamed ScrapBucket. But many of my ideas and creations are very much from “left field” so LeftBucket works just fine.

Do have a poke around the site and if you wish to get in touck please use the form below or email me at frank@leftbucket.com

Frank McGrath