“Carnations” by Brian O’Rourke

‘Carnations’ and many other brilliant songs (including the epic ‘Chantal du Champignon‘) was written by Brian O’Rourke, who is a graduate of University College, Galway and was awarded a Doctorate of Literature in Paris in 1976. But no matter how illustrious his academic achievements is he is best known in the many singing clubs the length and breadth of the country for his wonderful singing and songwriting.

You may read about Bian at the ITMA website where there is a recording of him performing his song “The Sea and I“. There is also a wealth Brian’s of recordings on YouTube including his own inimitable version of “Carnations“. Please follow the links provided and enjoy.

Anyway, we think ‘Carnations’ might be an antidote to the vomitous, pressurised, and hyped consumerism of Valentine’s Day. The performance by Frank McGrath should propel you well beyond all and any romantic notions.

This is another rehearsal piece from Radio Players who aim to experiment with theatre, poetry, and songs in new media. The group is hoping to collaborate with artists, musicians, illustrators, historians, photographers, and other interested parties or groups. Email them at radioplayers2018@gmail.com if you have ideas, wish to be involved or just want to find out more. While they are Louth-based they can collaborate via the web and would welcome hearing from anyone interested in Ireland.

If there are any budding animators, cartoonists, or illustrators who would like to contribute to this piece please contact the Radio Players as soon as you can so the image of Frank’s mad head may be replaced with something less upsetting.

In the meantime . . . we hope you have a happier Valentine’s Day than Biran O’Rourke’s unfortunate character.


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