“EMMA” by Bridget Kelly


Winds Blowing. Blizzards throwing
snow. Everywhere.

Coldness abound,
Icy fingers.
Freezing toes.

Central heating.
Warmness. Snug.
Happy inside.

Away from the
of it all.



A poem by Bridget Kelly inspired by snows of March 1st 2018 when Storm Emma joined with the Beast from the East.

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About Dr. Bridget Kelly

Dr Bridget Kelly is a lecturer in Microbiology in DkIT. Her interests are wide-ranging from drama to photography to new developments in science communication and everything in between. A STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) advocate and practitioner who is always on the lookout for novel science and arts collaborations. View all posts by Dr. Bridget Kelly →