Good Friday Agreement needed for Hospital Emergency Departments

A Good Friday Agreement is needed for the victims of the Management of Irish Health Services as the death toll exceeds 3,500 in hospital emergency departments this month. Since 2006 when our hospital A&E’s were determined by the then minister for health, Mary Harney, to be in a “state of emergency”, more than 3,500 sick people in A&E have been killed by neglect and inhumane treatment despite the best effort of caring nurses and doctors.

In three decades of “The Troubles” 3,532 people were killed and more than 47,500 injured. There was great rejoicing when the Good Friday Agreement brought about peace and an end to this cruel barbarity which ripped apart Irish society. This year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the agreement marking it with special events attended by US President Bill Clinton and Sen. George Mitchell and many other world dignitaries.

The horrors and grief of “The Troubles” deserve every effort and attention. This being true, how then can we ignore the slaughter happening weekly on our doorsteps – a slaughter at TWICE the rate of the Northern Ireland tragedy. And during the 12 years since Minister for Health, Mary Harney labeled the A&E crisis a “national emergency” more that 920,000 – NINE HUNDRED TWENTY THOUSAND – have been consigned to suffer dreadfully in humiliating circumstances on hospital trolleys.

  • Who shall champion the cause of the 3,500 dead?

  • Who will be the “Bill Clinton” for the victims and their families?

  • Who will be the Sen. Mitchell to decommission the Managers of Irish Health Services?

  • Will all parties come together to confront the perpetrators of these daily atrocities.

  • Who will support the long suffering doctors and nurses who have been defending their patients at great personal and professional cost?

  • Who will LISTEN to the EXPERTS who KNOW how to bring this CARNAGE to an END TODAY?

The experts are the Irish Association for Emergency Medicine  and the Irish Nurses and Midwives OrganisationThey have the answers – It is up to us to help them. Please inform yourselves of the facts and check out organisations like “Still Waiting Health Campaign”

Don’t be deflected by excuses such as “it’s really very complicated” and demand of your local TD’s and ministers to LISTEN and ACT today. Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour are all directly responsible for chaos, mismanagement and zero accountability in the Irish Health Services. In particular, please target those parties when demanding change.

This article focuses on a single aspect of our hospital A&E crisis. It does not consider the long term health issues inflicted on those who survive our hospital Emergency Departments. Late and delayed treatment for stroke victims, heart attack sufferers, organ damage patients, severe trauma victims and the late delivery of antibiotic and other life saving drugs and treatments has left TENS of THOUSANDS with long term debilitating and expensive illnesses which COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. Nor does this article does not consider the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of delayed and cancelled treatment and operations and the and the THOUSANDS who have died and suffered unnecessarily as a result. Nor does this article consider the horror of the current Cervical Smear scandal and those who have been endangered, betrayed, lied to and dragged through the courts by our Health Services enabled by our politicians.

All told, an unimaginable and incalculable horror exists in one of our most important national services; services in which the most vulnerable in our society rely for their health and well-being.

Please let us have A Good Friday Agreement for Irish Health Services and stop the carnage once and for all.





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