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LeftBucket.com is a magazine and journal dedicated to covering all aspects of political, civil, and social life in the twenty-first century.


We’ll be covering politics, science, education, music, art, travel, food, health . . . and whatever you’re havin’ yourself. We’ll  deliver information in bite-sized chunks for reading on the fly, and in comprehensive detail for when you have the time, in written articles and in visual, video, and audio formats across the most popular social media formats.

Most importantly, we want to give voice to the silent and the unheard.  When spin, obfuscation, and competing ‘narratives’ dominate political discourse, we want to sort the facts from the factoids and ‘alternative’ facts. And we want to provide a platform to launch fresh, new, and challenging ideas. The opinions, creations, and discoveries of citizens and organisations who don’t have easy access to mainstream media outlets are our focus and will, hopefully, fill our pages. You don’t have to agree with us; just tell us why you do or don’t. We want to include as many voices as we can and we encourage people to contribute videos, pictures, poems, songs, fiction, or prose giving expression to their experience of our world. We can’t publish everything, but we will read, view, and review everything we receive carefully and respond promptly, even when we don’t publish.

Everyone is welcome as long as your contribution is truthful, respectful, and non-harmful. You may exclaim your discontent or joy loudly and with vigour but we will reject anything that is abusive, misleading, or plagiarised.

Please join us; read, watch, listen and let us know your thoughts. Most of all we want you to enjoy all this as much as we do.

Again, welcome.




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