“We believe you” by Tina MacVeigh

On Thursday 29th March 2018, after the conclusion of the infamous Belfast rape trial, we found this poem on Facebook. Written and posted by Tina MacVeigh it is an outcry of her personal experience prompted by the verdict from that case. We were struck by the honesty, pain and the bravery Tina expressed in these crafted words. Thank you Tina for allowing us to echo your voice.

“We believe you” by Tina MacVeigh

He Had a Shrine to Mary Under the Stairs

I was traumatised when I was six.
And again when I was twelve.
And the times in between but the time when I was six, and twelve, those times stand out.
No one asked why, or what, or when, or how.
No one said Stop!

Just drugs.
Because of all the crying.
Doped up to my eyeballs.
Aged 11.

It only stopped because I went to live in another country at the age of fourteen.
No one believed me.
Not even my mother.
We never spoke about it again.
Actually, she so didn’t believe me she invited him to dinner.
Him and his son.
I swallowed my dinner reluctantly and left.
And it took me years to go back.

No one wanted to talk about it.
No one wanted to face it.
Back then.
Or now.

All of us. We believe you.


Tina can be found on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/tina.macveigh.1.


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